Benvenuti Bakery

Benvenuti Bakery makes delicious sweet baked goods sold through our in-store bakery.

The bakery is located in The TECH at 130 Wellington Street East. Here, we are busy creating great tasting donuts, cookies, brownies, and pastries to meet the desires of today’s consumer.

At Benvenuti we are committed to baking excellence and crafting superior tasting sweet goods made with quality ingredients. When you bite into one of our delicious sweet baked goods, you know instantly that you are eating a quality product made by expert bakers using modern techniques and time-tested recipes. We take pride in creating innovative products that stand the test of time but evolve to meet the needs of today’s consumer.

Do things the right way and visit Benvenuti’s, while maintaining a casual, friendly, and family style relationship with our guests and employees.

The Bakery is dedicated to cooking up your favorite goods. Sit back and enjoy what we have created in the ovens of our one-of-a-kind facility… you’re in for a treat!

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